Kansas City DNA and Integrative Nutritionist

We are a Functional Medical Nutrition Clinic, Specializing in DNA and Personalized Nutrition, Root Causes of Inflammation, Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements, and Lifestyle and Nutrition Management. Our RN, BSN, MBA practioner, Mindy Horvath, is also a graduate certified functional medical nutritionist.

How Does Lifespark Nutrition Work?

Get a DNA Report

Whether you have 23andme or Ancestry.com, we can use your secure DNA results to craft the perfect nutrition and supplement plan for your body. You input your own secure DNA and Puregenomics, a secure website, sends you your report.

Discounted Medical Grade Supplements

As licensed healthcare providers, we have access to medical-grade supplements, such as Xymogen, Ortho Molecular, Standard Process, Fast Bars from L-Nutra, and more. We pass on our professional discounts and our access to direct shipped medical supplements straight from the manufacturer. Set up your secure Fullscripts account at: https://us.fullscript.com/welcome/lifespark

Restart Your Health

Receive a personalized nutrition plan with a nutrition consult, which includes meal ideas, ways to decrease inflammation or autoimmunity, and supplement recommendations. Get professional discounts on Pharmaceutical Grade supplements, including Xymogen brand by using the following link for Wholescripts  and create a secure account for Lifespark/Horvath to get discounts:  https://www.wholescripts.com/register/lifespark

Who We Are

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At Lifespark Nutrition, we are all about discovering root causes of your health issues, which could include DNA data to create an efficient and effective health regime built personally for each client by our practitioner, Mindy Horvath, RN, BSN, Certified Dietetics and Integretive Nutritionist. Don’t want to do a DNA Plan, no worries, we offer Nutrition and Lifestyle support based on current labs, lifestyle, habits and symptoms.

Our team has a combined 30 years of experience in nutrition and health sciences.

Get a Genetic DNA Health Report

At lifesparknutrition.com, we are not diagnosing or promising. We are using your genetic variants through a well researched and tested program to discover a weakness in your system that could be changed through lifestyle and nutrition.

Please consult your physician for medical advice. The information on this website is true and complete to the best of our knowledge and all recommendations are made without guarantee.